"Determined, Driven, and Dedicated to Succeed"

English Language Arts/ Reading/ ELL

Advanced Options: Cambridge Academy, Advanced, Gifted

-ELA Dept. Chair Mr. Llerena mallerena@dadeschools.net

-Reading Dept. Chair Ms. Hayes khayes@dadeschools.net

-ELL Dept. Chair Ms. Benavides mbdes33@dadeschools.net




Advanced Options: iPrep, Advanced, Gifted, High School Courses

-Dept. Chair Mrs. Bellas mbellas@dadeschools.net





Advanced Options: Advanced, Magnet Technology, Gifted, and

High School Courses

-Dept. Chair Mrs. Ocana DOcana@dadeschools.net




Social Sciences

Advanced Options: Advanced, Gifted

-Dept. Chair Mrs. Delgado-Kow adadelgadokow@dadeschools.net




Arts & Athletics

Advanced Options in Both Fields

-Dept. Chair Ms. Volk clvolk@dadeschools.net

-Athletics Director Ms. Alfaro malfaro01@dadeschools.net





Specially Tailored Options in All Areas

-Dept. Chair Ms. Slocum mgraham1@dadeschools.net

-Dept. Chair Ms. Hotchkiss khotchkiss@dadeschools.net





6th Grade          7th Grade          8th Grade